Jamiol's World 'toon - 9/16/20


Today (9/16/20) is my last 'toon for this site. After almost 50 years of cartoons (30 years with newspapers and magazines, and 20 years with my Jamiol's World site), it's time to come to a stop.

Why? I'm just plain tired and these past 3 1/2+ years have really taken the joy out of drawing political cartoons. I've said everything I possibly can about this vile, hateful ______ (fill in the blank). I feel like I've been stuck in this cesspool of hate and I just don't want to waste another drop of ink on him and his disgusting anti-American enablers. That said, I am really  optimistic about Biden and Harris. I think they will bring out enough voters to crush this clown.

Down the road, I'll be doing some new things but for now it's about retiring.

I want to thank everyone for following my 'toons, for your comments and for your support.

Please stay safe and like they say in the world of trucking... catch you on the flip side.


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