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"5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant - A Must Have" - S.D.E.

Bikers Are Animals 4: Working and Riding..I loved Jamiol's previous book, but this one tops it. So detailed with so much human touch. The characters are real - from a real world, and free of artificiality. My daughter got her 'special' copy, and is planning to share it with her class after the TGD holiday. Bravo!




"BAA3 delivers strong messages about safety
and social responsibility" - E.Y.

In June, we presented a pre-publication review of “Biker are Animals 3: On the Road,” the third children's book in a series by cartoonist Paul Jamiol (see Motohistory News & Views 6/8/2011).  Though they are not really history books, I find Jamiol's core message to be so important that they should be on the shelves of all libraries and in the collections of every motorcycling parent or grandparent who believes in fair and equal treatment, not just over the road but in life as well. These books shatter the stereotype that bikers are rough, thoughtless, and a cut below society as a whole.  In addition, like its predecessors, “Bikers are Animals 3” delivers strong messages about safety and social responsibility. Ed Youngblood -


"Jamiol's basic message is one of inclusiveness, joy
and the absence of prejudice" - E.Y

Motorcycling cartoonist Paul Jamiol has done it again with “Bikers Are Animals 2,” a sequel to his “Bikers Are Animals” published in July, 2009.  Subtitled “The Rest of the Crew,” Jamiol brings us another dozen endearing creatures who like to ride motorcycles, including Classik, a coyote who loves antique motorcycles, and Craig, an alligator who would rather ride than hang around a hot swamp all day.  As with the first “Animals,” there is a coloring section with all the characters in line art.  Jamiol's basic message is one of inclusiveness, joy, and the absence of prejudice.  Every motorcyclist with small children or grandkids should gift them this book.  It is fun and character-building in an entertaining way that children can enjoy.  To read our review of Jamiol's first “Animals” book, go to Motohistory News & Views 7/10/2009.  Ed Youngblood -

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BAA1 inside

"Delightful and entertaining!" - J.G.

BIKERS are ANIMALS – A Children’s Book on Motorcycling by Paul Jamiol is a children’s book on animals, motorcycling and motorcycle safety... Paul creates a dozen colorful, unique, lovable critter characters riding various kinds of very colorful, detailed bikes. Each character has a personality and little story, and are as diverse as the bikes. Delightful and entertaining! At the end of the book there are pages of his characters that kids can color. His love for biking and the open road really comes through. It’s a perfect gift for your child or grandchild. Jen Grady - TheZoo



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