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Paul Jamiol has been behind a pen, pencil or computer most of his adult life. His love of the art world and cartooning have given him a chance to speak out and give something, however small, back to those he cares about. He credits Linda, his best friend and the love of his life, for giving him the peace of mind and heart to focus on his art.

His editorial cartoons have appeared extensively in newspapers and on the Internet. He has drawn and published political cartoons for his site, Jamiol's World, every week since September 2000.

Below are some of the places where Paul's cartoons and artwork have appeared in print...


Watertown Sun

Waltham Daily News Tribune

Ipswich Chronicle

Stoneham Sun

Swampscott Reporter

Lynn Sunday Post


PJW book cover

Paul Jamiol's World – A Collection of Political Cartoons from the Pen of Paul Jamiol (2008-2010)

4 books

The Bikers are Animals children's book series with cool critters riding motorcycles and having fun with their friends

Calendars - Photography

Lin's calendars

From Lin's Garden and Lin's Cosmos Calendars

Calendars - Pencil Drawings


Illustrated and published the Classic Motorcycle Calendar© for 13 years. Over those 13 years, the calendar featured a new motorcycle drawing for each month.

Motorcycle Media

Over 34 years of drawing 'toons for the monthly Motorcyclist's Post newspaper as well as 'toons for various other MC industry newspapers and magazines


ama wall

Commissioned to create a 30-ft mural on Women in Motorcycling for the opening of the American Motorcyclists Association Heritage Museum in Westerville, OH.


Paul has been extremely fortunate to pick up some recognition along the way.


Press Awards

1995: New England Press Association, 1st Place, Editorial Cartoon Award

1994: AMA/American Motorcyclists Association, MVP Award for children's

1991: Suburban Newspapers of America, first Runner-up, Best Editorial Cartoon

1990: New England Press Association, 1st Place, Editorial Cartoon Award

1989: New England Press Association, first Runner-up, Editorial Cartoon Award

1988: Massachusetts Press Association, first Runner-up, Best Original Cartoon

International Competitions

1999: 13th Dutch Cartoonfestival, Netherlands; Certificate of Merit, exhibition
and publication

1994: 9th Dutch Cartoonfestival, Netherlands; selected for exhibition and

1993: 9th Annual Okhotask International Cartoon & Comic Exhibition, Japan;
selected for exhibition and publication

1993: 8th Dutch Cartoon Festival, Netherlands; Special Mention and publication

1993: 16th International Kartoenale Exhibition, Belgium; selected for exhibition
and publication

1993: 20th Saláo International de Humor de Piracicaba, Brazil; selected for
exhibition and publication

1993: Festival International Du Dessin Humoristique, Anglet, France; selected
for exhibition and publication



If you would like a book of Paul's 'toons from 2008 to 2010, his book is avaiable at , Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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